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CCBPress Release

Honoring Church Community Builder’s New API Limits

Church Community Builder announced a few months ago that they would be implementing per-minute rate limiting for their API. On Monday, August 20th, 2018 these new limits will start to be enforced. Today we release CCBPress Core v1.2.0 This release keeps CCBPress in compliance with these new rate limits. We highly recommend that everyone update…

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The New CCBPress Suite of Plugins

A few of week ago, we quietly released the new Events and Groups add-ons for CCBPress Core. Until now, CCBPress Core has been the free version of CCBPress, possessing a small sub-set of the features available in the full version of CCBPress. Along with the Core plugin, this new suite of plugins is how new…

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Event Images Are Here!

Today we’ve released CCBPress v2.1.1 that includes support for Event images. If you’ve added images to your events on Church Community Builder, you should begin to see those images at the top of the event pages when you click through from the calendar or upcoming events. If you’d prefer to not display event images, they…

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CCBPress 2.1.0 Release

CCBPress version 2.1.0 is out today. This version comes with a few new features and changes. New Widgets Online Giving The Online Giving widget displays a simple button that will open your Church Community Builder Online Giving page. CCB Login The CCB Login widget allows you to put a CCB Login form in your sidebar.…

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