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Event Calendar Shortcode

The Event Calendar Shortcode allows you to display an Event Calendar on any page that you would like.



Below are a list of parameters that you can use to modify the output:

  • year (integer) "YYYY". Defaults to the current year.
  • month (integer) "M". Defaults to the current month.
  • group_id (string) Comma separated string of group ids to display.
  • campus_id (integer) The ID of the campus to display be default. Leave blank to display all campuses.
  • hide_campus (true/false) Prevent the campus dropdown from being display with the calendar. Defaults to false.
  • show_support (true/false) Displays "Powered by CCBPress" at the bottom of the calendar. Defaults to true.


For example, to display a calendar with only events from specific groups:

[ccbpress_event_calendar group_id="21,44,18"]