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Group Search Shortcode

The Group Search Shortcode allows you to display the Group Search form (and/or results) on any page.



Below are a list of parameters that you can use to modify the output.

  • campus_id (integer)
  • area_id (integer)
  • meet_day_id (integer)
  • meet_time_id (integer)
  • department_id (integer)
  • group_type_id (integer)
  • udf_1_id (integer)
  • udf_2_id (integer)
  • udf_3_id (integer)
  • childcare (0/1) 0 = No, 1 = Yes. Default is 0.
  • exclude_full (0/1) 0 = No, 1 = Yes. Default is 0.
  • hide_search_form (true/false) Default is false.
  • auto_search (true/false) Default is false.


For example, to set the default area, exclude full groups, auto search, and hide the search form:

[ccbpress_group_search area_id=2 exclude_full=1 hide_search_form="true" auto_search="true"]