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Upcoming Events Shortcode

The Upcoming Events Shortcode allows you to display the upcoming events for one group, multiple groups, or all groups on any page.



Below are a list of parameters that you can use to modify the output.

  • date_start (string) Valid format: "YYYY-MM-DD". Defaults to the current day.
  • date_range (string) Valid values: "today", "1 week", "2 weeks", etc. Defaults to "4 weeks".
  • filter_by (string) Valid values: "group", "group_type", or "department". Defaults to "group".
  • group_id (string) Comma separated string of group ids to display.
  • group_type (string) Double pipe ("||") separated string of group type names to display.
  • department (string) Double pipe ("||") separated string of department names to display.
  • exclude (string) Comma separated string of event ids to exclude.
  • how_many (integer) Defaults to 5.
  • calendar_link (string) Valid values: show or hide. Defaults to hide.
  • theme (string) Valid values: text or graphical. Defaults to text.


For example, to display 10 upcoming events for a group, using the graphical theme:

[ccbpress_upcoming_events group_id="23" how_many=10 theme="graphical"]